Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Where's James Kunstler?

Many people who follow urban planning make a habit of whining and moaning. They break into tears on news of every new subdivision, every new highway, and every new low MPG car model. So why no party for the Dulles Tax District?

Last week, a group of commercial property owners near Dulles Airport agreed to tax themselves in order to help fund construction of a Metro extension. This is in addition to the tolls motorists will be paying down the road which will fund nearly half the line. The first phase is already under construction, and about a third of its funding is coming from the Fed Transit Administration, money which is not available for phase 2, which will take the line to the airport and two stops beyond.

But isn't this James Kunstler and the urban planning whiners dream? Heavy rail funded by taxes on business and driver tolls? They should be rejoicing considering the groans they let out over everything else that gets built in this country.

But not surprisingly - the trains good/cars bad crowd is not making much of this, and will keep complaining about people who don't want to hear their neighbors arguing above the ceiling.